When parents are estranged, misguided laws, bloodthirsty attorneys, judicial traditions, & government policies drive many loving fathers or mothers
out of their children’s lives, with dismaying results for children. Children love both dad & mom and they don’t want to feel caught in the cross-fire.



This is a FREE DIVORCE HELP site for Men, Women, Dads & Moms. Goal of DIVORCE FREE HELP.COM:

Helping educate you so you can have the "best" amicable divorce, help your children and not Flush away all your hard earned money down the toilet!   The only WINNERS in Divorce are the Attorney's who Later Become JUDGES!

Shame on the Courts, Judges and Attorney's who allow bad behavior   "“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.    Martin Luther King, Jr."s.

Custody | Child Support | Spousal Support:

  • Custody: Sole Custody vs Joint Custody vs Split Custody
  • Custody Arrangement Schedule Samples - Click Here
  • Child Support - Click Here
  • End Of Child Support / Emancipation (All States) - Click Here
  • Spousal Support / Support Calculations - Click Here
  • Imputing Income - Vocational Evaluation "Ability to Earn" - Click Here
  • Parental Alienation
  • Child Support Agencies

Court Forms | Court Filings | Court Timelines | Declarations:

  • Court Forms: What and How to Fill Out and File with Court - Click Here
  • State vs Local Court Rules: Courts have their own Rules About Filing, Timelines and Procedures. Important to Read Local Court Rules - Click Here
  • Profit / Loss / Taxes / Income Declarations / Bankruptcy: - Click Here
  • Declarations Samples: - Click Here

Judges | Attorney's | Law Firms | Mediation | Custody Evaluators:

Biased, Fair, Due Process???

Don't Forget   -  This is Multi-Million Dollar Cottage Industry!  - Judges were Attorney's at Law Firms & at times lean with their Friends

Good vs Bad Judges, Attorney's, Mediators & Custody Evaluators in your area.

  • Questions to Ask and Ways to Determine Bias.
    • Ask the Evaluator - How often have they work for the opposing Atty / Law Firm and How Often are their reports in favor of their clients? Don't be surprised to learn that Evaluators often get a LOT of Business from a particular Atty / Law Firm and of course their report will often "lean" to their client - Watch Out For This Trap!
    • SHAME on the Judges who allow this ... Often they Know this is happening .. and at times they were a Atty for the Same Firm!
  • Complaints: Sample Letters | Tools - File complaints against Judges, Attorney's, Law Firms, Mediators and Custody Evaluators

Using a difficult attorney

Lawyers can turn good divorces into bad ones and bad divorces into nightmares. It’s not just divorcing spouses that are difficult. Certain lawyers are intent on churning fees, and they can cleverly manipulate situations to their financial advantage. The result is couples who will fight over the big and little things and invariably wind up in court and broke.

Do not fall for the myth that you have to find a take-no-prisoners attorney, someone who is ruthless and will use any tactic necessary to “win” the case. When there is one difficult attorney, the odds are the divorce will be costly and unpleasant. When there are two difficult attorneys, the divorce will be a total nightmare.

Divorce Terms, Glossary & Acronyms: 

  • Divorce Terms: - Click Here

    • Opposing Council (OC)
    • Notice Of Motion (NOM)
    • Ex-Partie
  • Divorce Acronyms & Idioms: - Click Here

    • DH = Divorced Husband or Darling Husband
    • DW = Divorced Wife or Dear Wife
    • STBX = Soon To Be Ex

Abuse of the Divorce Industry & Parental Alienation / Manipulation:

Abuse of the Divorce Industry

Parental Alienation / Manipulation

My Story & About This Site:

My Story:   I'm a Dad & my children were taken away from their Dad and their extended family in what I have come to learn to be one of the most corrupt "Justice" systems I have ever come to know. THINK ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR - Courts Encourage, Provide Financial Incentives and Motivations and Reward those who "Use & Abuse" the system - Example of Abuse : Spouse gets more money if they get more custody of the Children - Thus paving the way for a spouse to use and abuse the legal system against you - Click Here to Read More.



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