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The thought of losing your children is not even imaginable!

Let the truth be known, many parents do not even recognize this as a potential consequence when deciding to divorce. Yes, your marriage may be over, whether you want it to be or not, but your parental rights and the bond you have with your children do not have to end with it.

The number one mistake you can make is assuming you will have custody of your children. Even if your spouse has assured you of this, when the divorce process begins, the circumstances will change and his or her wants may (probably will) also change.

You must protect your future with your children by being prepared for all obstacles thrown in your way. From false accusations, misrepresentations, to misinterpretations. You must be prepared

If your spouse has a unethical lawyer he or she may attack at any moment, twisting the truth, exaggerating the worst and doing anything they can do to prove that you are the unfit parent.

These lawyers have no conscience, morals and don't care about the lasting effects that twisted truths and exaggerations has on the spouse, children and tying up the legal system (for more financial gain!).  How the State Bar allows and condones this illegal activity to continue is beyond me.

From the first moment your child was born, you probably swore that you would do anything for that child. Do not once assume that your spouse does not feel the same way. The parental instinct and human nature of a parent becomes overwhelmingly strong during this emotional time and can NEVER be underestimated.

Since you are going to fight for custody (or other rights) of your children, you must accept now that the parent who is perceived as the "best parent" in the eyes of the court will prevail. Perception and reality are two different things, so never take the obvious for granted. Appealing a custody decision made by the court is no easy task, so you typically only get one chance.

A custody decision made by the court is based on the role and relationship of each parent and can also be based on parental actions that take place during the process and up to the trial. One parent may make false accusations and lose custody, even though they really deserved it, or another may be unprepared to defend unexpected evidence that is presented to make them look like a bad parent. The list goes on and on. The main point to be made is that a custody dispute can bring out the worst in you, your spouse, or the both of you.




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